Bellevue Apple Store Expansion

Way back in May of 2011 I wrote about plans that Apple had to move it's Bellevue Square to a larger footprint. Things have been very quiet for over a year but a little birdie told me that the new store will open in time for the arrival of the iPhone 5 and the coming Christmas shopping season. Let's hope that birdie isn't chirping out of the side of it's beak.

The current store has a narrow 30 feet of storefront and about 3500 square feet of floorspace.

The new store will be one of Apple's largest and located on the second floor of the same mall.

As a resident of Bellevue I look forward to a new updated store. When it opens I'll grab my camera and take a few photos.

UPDATE 8/27/2012

Here's some (below average) iPod photos I made when I made a trip to the Apple Store today.

UPDATE 8/28/2012

Just got an official Apple email letting me know that the new store will open September 1st!!