IT is IT is IT

My wife has been blogging for several years now and has one of the best baking blogs on the internet (cookie baker Lynn). I've watched as she developed her writing skills and her photography skills and made her blog a must stop for all those home bakers out there. Her blog started out great but she has made huge strides since her first post and now it positively shines. The one area of blogging she doesn't do well is the computer part. She hates it. Why spend time learning to edit HTML or figuring out how to format pictures when she could be baking?

This is where I come in. I'm the family tech support. And by family I mean everyone who knows me not just those that are related to me. My day job is designing large scale IT infrastructure to support a large unnamed aerospace company in the Seattle area. I worry about latency of computing systems thousands of miles apart; Back up & restore of petabytes of data; How to allow remote graphics visualization of complex hardware when the server is around the globe. Just your basic IT stuff. What many people don't realize is that as big as that job may seem, the same principles apply to your computer at home.

Do you do backups? I hope so. Do you want access to your data when your sitting at the local Starbucks or on vacation in Hawaii?  It might make your life easier. Do you need to help your mom on her computer and she lives across town or on the other side of the state? What do you do? Who do you ask for help? That's what this blog is going to be about. It will be a place to post some of my computing problems and issues and what I did to solve them. Hopefully it will help others but if no one else reads it at least I can use it as my home for great information when I don't have access to my home computer but do have internet access.



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  1. I think I just had a Mac Attack. I am thinking you have an IPhone and probably an IPad Am I correct.
    I took the other route. We have HTC EVO's Sprint has so much better coverage then AT&T here in the Tulsa area. Not sorry we did it either. I can not see the need for any kind of pad as my phone does basically most of the same stuff and I can even make calls on it.