What do Geeks do on their day off?

This past weekend Seattle hosted the Emerald City Comicon. According to their web site it's "the largest comic book and pop culture convention in the pacific northwest!" After attending this geekfest I tend to agree. It was jammed with artwork, comics, TV stars, & people dressed as their favorite characters. It was a a great break from the more technical side of my brain and my family and I had a blast. 

I thought you might enjoy some photos just to help get you through your Monday. Enjoy! If you see a friend, someone you know or yourself leave a comment and I'll send you a copy of the photo.  

These escalators are empty at this point. Usually they were packed. 

Notice the eyes? Where do you get yellow contacts? Oh, right they sell them in one of the booths. 

Makes my neck hurt just looking at her

You wonder how much makeup you go through to get yourself this pink all over?

Just how many cows died to make this!?

Couples often coordinated their costumes

Artists were working during the show

A Seattle icon with a twist

The depth and breadth of the artistic skill was impressive

This artist actually worked for WB and was one of the animators for Pinky and the Brain as well as Animaniacs

Great booths with lots to see

Say it with me, "Drinking blood is bad"

Who knew under all that armor Boba Fett had tats and needed more.

Here's a Brave little girl.

It's all about comics. 

My legs hurt just looking at these costumes. Let alone walking around in them for 3 days.

The floor space was HUGE. 

"No ghosts here... I think..."

Girl power

Everyone took pictures. 

Nice toys were also available

Misha Collins - The reason my wife and daughter wanted to go to the con.

Red Sonja

Queen of Hearts

Riddle me this 

Steam Punk and some nice gaming furniture

Comic/CosPlay fans come in all ages

Spidey sense isn't always enough and sometimes you just have to text

I found this guy outside the men's room. Looks like even Waldo needs to go sometimes.


The requisite Storm Trooper

Here's a motley crew

Even heros have to rest for a while.

What a family. 

There are so many characters and I soon realized that those that grew up on DC comics or Marvel are in the minority. With the web, TV and all the independent comic companies it's hard to know what series this is from. 

Ready for action!

Had a fun time talking to this very nice person. She wasn't sure anyone would want to take her picture. But I think the costume is great.

A princess for sure

I'm not quite sure what this is but all I can say is Wow!

A Cylon from my youth


The Joker

Zombie Rogers - So wrong, yet so right

Antonia Stark

Jack Frost


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