Movie Effects - Quick, Easy & Free way to Rotate Video

With a Mac there are always at least 2 or 3 ways to do something. As time goes by, and new apps are created, there might even be a better way. Such is the case with rotation of video. I wrote a post a while back on how to rotate video using iMovie. Since iMove comes with your Mac when you buy it, using iMovie to rotate your video was an easy way to get the job done. 

Two years has passed since I wrote that blog post and the number of applications in the Apple Mac App store has exploded. I recently discovered a great little video editing application called Movie Effects that has a lot of features. One of which is rotating video.

The developers from Etinysoft list Movie Effect's key features as:
  • Whole window are available for dragging and dropping any video
  • Support almost all popular video formats such as mp4, mov, avi, flv, etc.
  • Freely apply more than one effects to a video.
  • Customize parameters of a part of effects to your desired level.
  • Directly preview video before or after effects being applied.
  • Add image as watermark at any point with effect “Image Watermark.
Go download a copy now and explore this great app. To help you out here's a walk through of how to rotate video. 

Open the application and at the main screen drag a copy of the video you want to rotate. 

In the left hand column click "Add Effects" and select "Rotation"

You will notice that rotation is just one of the options to change your video so feel free to play around. Once you have selected rotation there will now be several choices on how to rotate. Just make sure you preview your video before you process and save it. If you select 90° rotation and vertically flip it you will end up with this:

Opps! Selecting just 90° rotation you will get the correct orientation. 

Now that you have your video rotated you will want to save it. Select the save format at the bottom and you will see that there are a ton of formats available to you. Select the one you want and click save.

Just be careful with the choice you make. Some formats will change the aspect ratio of your video. For instance, selecting "Common Video" and "MPEG4 MP4" created this video

Opps again! For use on a Mac, going back and saving as iPhone, iPad or AppleTV format worked just fine. Again, explore experiment and see what works for you. 

That's it! your video is rotated with only a few clicks.  Movie Effects is a great application that lets you rotate your videos quickly and easily. Best of all it does a lot more then that and it's free!


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