Geek Day off 2014

Last year I did a post titled "What do Geeks do on their Day off?" about Seattle's amazing Emerald City Comicon. I loved it so  much I went again this year.  It was again jammed with artwork, comics, TV stars, & people dressed as their favorite characters and was a a great break from the more technical side of my brain. 

So here are this years photos for all to enjoy!

Badges are a must and I picked up 3-Day passes as Christmas gifts for my family. 

Off to the Con!

Comic Con wouldn't exist without comics and the artists that create them. Unlike some of the bigger Cons (San Diego, L.A. etc.) Seattle prides itself on putting the artists front and center. There are booths and tables filled with the famous and not yet famous. Most of the time the artists sell prints, postcards or paintings to help make ends meet. 

The part that most fans love is dressing up. Just pick someone from your favorite Anime Series, TV Show or Movie then make your own costume and go have fun.

Here's an example of a my daughter as Jack Frost (on the right) and two total strangers dressed as Anna & Elsa from Disney's Frozen. At the Con everyone is a friend you haven't met yet and sharing stories about your costume is expected. 

Some people go to extreme lengths to get just the right look. This guy was AMAZING! I started talking to him and found out that his armor was hand made. Each piece was individually formed acid etched or burnished then put together. And I love the eyes! It made for a great finishing touch.

Here's a collection of some of the people on the show floor.

Link was well represented this year. 

This fairy spent a lot of time getting her ears & wings just right. 

The Hulk

Loki obviously spent some time on the details

There were a ton of kids in attendance and a lot of them were in costume too. I feel in love with this Minion outfit. A ton of mom and dad bonus points to the parents of this little guy.

There were a ton of people dressed as their favorites from movies. It's always nice to see someone dress up in a way really fit's with their own looks. This version of Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot rocked!

 And this Mr. & Mrs Shrek really hit the mark as well. 

Steampunk was big this year with a lot of Steampunk versions of Disney characters.

I really liked the Steampunk Tinkerbell.

I even found the whole Waldo family!

At about 6' 5" This Wonder Woman really made an entrance.

This one was subtle. Dressed to kill (literally) this woman could only be Irene Adler. Stunning to say the least. I had fun playing with Photoshop to get this photo.

ECCC is for all ages.

One thing that also goes on is selling autographs & Photos with a star. This year ECCC had Karl Urban from the TV show Almost Human & the Star Trek Movies, Stephen Amell from the TV show Arrow, Richard Dean Anderson most widely know for his role as MacGyver, John De Lancie & Michael Dorn from Star Trek and Eliza Dushku from Serenity, Buffy & Dollhouse. You can check out the full list on ECCC's web page

They also had famous CosPlayers. Here's YaYa Han in costume.  

Because ECCC is about comics they also had well know cartoonists. My family loves Jan Elliot and her comic strip "Stone Soup" She is a wonderful person and we spent about 5 minutes or so just talking about her strip.

And of course there are things to buy. If you ever go, take cash. Lots and lots of cash. 

Star Trek Fez anyone?

Everyone needs a sword right? But maybe a tee-shirt is a bit more your style. Which one? Maybe you can grab one next year!!

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