Boys Day Out

This past weekend Seattle held BrickCon. The most awesome collection of LEGO I've ever seen. Being a long time LEGO lover myself it didn't take a lot of persuasion by my 12 year old son to convince me to go. 

Just like my geek day off at the Emerald City Comicon I thought I would share the adventure with the MacITHelp readers.


 My son Samuel had a great time!

Brickcon was filled with Castles, Robots, Spaceships & Pirates. There was a lot to see.

The even had LEGO Art

Batman was well represented

Other Movie & TV Shows were also around

Berk from How to Train your Dragon

STTNG - Borg


The Goonies

The Simpsons Time Toaster




There were also a ton of great cars and other vehicles

Of course there was lots to buy

Eventually we had to leave be I think I know where I will be next year

Seattle Brickcon

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