Geek Day Off - 2015 Emerald City Comicon

All technology all the time isn't healthy. Everyone needs to look up from their screen every once in a while and enjoy life by doing something fun and different. In the past I've blogged about going to the Seattle LEGO Brickcon with the son, I've done some woodworking and I've attended the Seattle Emerald City Comicon. Here's links to my 2013 ECCC and 2014 ECCC posts. This year I went again and it was bigger and better than ever.

So here are some photos from this year's Comicon to help you through another Monday.

Over the past 3 years Comicon has grown. This year it was packed and tickets sold out weeks in advance. When you finally get through all the lines the show floor is huge and filled with artists, artwork and people.

First and foremost ECCC is about comics, the artists that draw them and the artwork they create. There are a lot of booths filled with awesome comic book art and great artists. 

There are also shops filled with fun cosplay items as well as everything comic related. 

All the cool artwork and kitsch aside, what really makes Comicon fun are the people who attend. Everyone who goes has some passion or inner-geek that they hold in (some more so than others) for 364 days of the year. But on this one day they let their hair down, dress up and have a lot of fun. Some of the costumes are amazing. 

This year "Marvel's Agent Peggy Carter" lead actress Haley Attwell was was a guest of ECCC. The show is very popular and dressing up as Peggy was the thing to do. Here are just two of what must have been 200 versions of the character.

People also dressed up as characters from their favorite animated movie or TV Show

Gaston & Harley Quinn

MegaMind and My Little pony

Attendees also dressed up as comic book characters even if they don't have a movie or TV show. Although he may be popular in the Marvel geek community I bet most people have never heard of Sub-Mariner. Marvel is set to milk the cash cow one more time with a Sub-Mariner movie so stand by to learn his back story. 

Then there were just tons of characters from past movies and shows. 

Here's Barf from Spaceballs as well as Black Widow and Hawkeye from the Marvel movies.

Captain America Dancer

And of course Captian America himself

Here's Lady Thor and her ... friend?


Character from that never ending movie, Never Ending Story

There was even a visit from a Northwest native and his handler. Glad they finally decided to get out of the forrest attend the Con. Gotta love the ability to wear furry Sasquatch costume inside a heated building. 

The Riddler holding Court

I must say that this is the first Snoopy I've seen in the 3 years I've attended.

Wonder Woman!  Hey DC Comics, where's HER movie! 

I had a great time this year and will be heading back next year. So just like this Storm Trooper, a nice day off is always appreciated. Hope you enjoyed the photos.

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